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 Le lac d'Orédon

Le lac d’Orédon

Atlantic or the Mediterranean coast – the choice is yours.

Perhaps a trip to Andorra or a drive into the Pyrenees and cross the border into Spain for lunch time Tapas.

The world famous heritage site of the old city of Carcassonne is an easy drive with pretty villages along the route. Visit the famous rose coloured city of Toulouse; if you don’t feel like driving why not use the train from a local station.

Or just enjoying the local restaurants – there’s an Auberge less than 3 minutes away in Alan!

Visit the local old towns of Aurignac, complete with its unique museum.



Enjoy the pretty town of Martres Tolosane, famous for its its artisan pottery makers.

Both Aurignac and Martres Tolosane are less than ten minutes away, by car, and both towns have restaurants boulangeries, banks, shops and tourist offices.

Picturesque villages throughout the  Haute Garonne and the Ariage await you – this is the area of France ‘profounde’ where the focus is on food, land and farming,with the gentle hum of the tractor!
Cafes and restaurants abound and life goes at it’s own pace.

Markets are many in this region, some small others meandering around several streets selling everything from fish to fruit, from shoes to berets.
Watch as the French select the freshest ingredients and carefully check the new season produce.
And, if you don’t feel like cooking, buy some of the hot food ready to take back to the gite – from paella to spit roasted chicken and saute potatoes!


Walking in the Pyrenees

And as for the Pyrenees?  They are the backdrop to many sights.  Stunning in winter  with ski resorts only an hour away and, in summer,  they are a much visited area with plenty of walking trails and pretty mountain villages.

This region has something for everyone.

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