About Us

Who are we?

AboutTempI’m Lynn and live here at La Métairie with husband Steven and Lexie, a very spoilt cat!
We always looked forward to our holidays as they were our escape from a rushed lifestyle – time to switch off and unwind. I was always searching for that special place where the alarm clock didn’t exist and I could relax, slip into a pool and catch up on unread books.

For the first couple of years La Métairie was our holiday home, our space of peace and calm during our hectic working life.

It didn’t take long for La Métairie and its surrounding area to work its magic.  Soon, each return back to our working life became harder and harder.

Finally, we succumbed and moved to start our new life at La Métairie.  So here we are and the rest is history!

Why La Métairie

La Métairie is one property – a house and two barns.  We live in the original house and our guests live in the fully converted barn.  To ensure privacy for our guests we have built a private terrace.

By chance, we discovered that our local commune (Alan) was planing to use La Métairie as the area’s museum so we were lucky to find it.  We even found the plans that the commune had drawn up and the pictures of the renovation from an original dairy farm.

Getting used to the French culture has been challenging at times.  Slowly we are understanding the more subtle nuances of french life – I’m now on kissing terms with our mayor!

We are both non-smoking and, as I’m very asthmatic, Le Métairie is a non-smoking property with the exception of your outside terrace and an ashtray is provided.  We have one very spoilt cat, who loves people but not other animals.  Let us know if you are allergic to cats and we will endeavour to keep her away from you.

We’re happy to provide unique background information about La Métairie to prospective guests to give you confidence to book.

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